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Herb2O Mulberry Green Tea is a blend of Green tea and Mulberry leaf. This combination renders a synergy effect. Green tea is well perceived for its catechin, while Mulberry leaf consists of 18 amino acids and contains caffeine only one in two hundredth of Green tea. It is savoury to those who do not drink caffeine but a functional tea.

In public we may find out that many plant parts of Mulberry are used distinctively. Its fruit is employed in wine industry, Chinese practitioner uses its root peel for diuretic, its leaf is normally a feed of the silk worm.

Biological  Pharmacognosy  Bulletin 2000 ; reported that an alcohol extract of Mulberry leaf can prevent arteriosclerosis  due to  high blood cholesterol and  induce the cancer cell turn to be normal white blood cell. It is informing that Mulberry leaf tea is  really a reliable antioxidant tea.


Herb2O Mulberry Green Tea 是由绿茶和桑树叶混合而成的这种混


据 2000 年生药学公告中指出