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Besides the Chinese Yin & Yang,  Ayuravedic principle is applied for the Herb2O Merobalan plus. The juice is a blend of three Myrobalan fruits for drinking pleasure with the value of thousand years Ayuraveda remedy. The three Myrobalans (M) are Emblic M , Chebulic M, Beleric M. If they are  presented in equal weight, it is called Trephala, one of the most sacred composition in several Ayuraveda complicated formulary.

Herb2O Merobalan plus is a special product, nobody ever in mind likes to produce in a ready-to-drink form because the fruiting season is very short and by decreasing area of forest, the fresh fruit of Emblic M is hardly accessed.  

Herb2O Merobalan plus, in wellness, is supported by many scientific experiments of the Emblic M. A research  reported that its fresh juice can inhibit the  growth of cancer cell, while another report concluded that Emblic M fresh juice increases mucous in the stomach tissue which resulted in stomachic prevention meanwhile increases superoxide dismutase to rid off free radical, in total, it can protect stomach tissue by antioxidant mechanism.  

除了中国 阴,阳理论之外 Ayuravedic 原理也应用了 Herb2O Merobalan plus. Herb2O Merobalan plus. 这种果汁是一种由三种叫做 Myrobalan 的果子混合而成的
它具有 Ayuraveda 上千年的医药价值。如果它们在重量比例上被分配均匀
的话就被叫做 Trephala ,这在 Ayuraveda 复杂的处方公式中被认为是一份

Herb2O Merobalan plus 是一种很特殊的商品,以前从来没有人想过
要把它做成一种即开即饮的商品,因为果实丰收的季节非常的短暂 加之不断遭到人为破坏急剧缩减的森林面积 Emblic M 的果实采集是非常困难的。

Herb2O Merobalan plus 在保健方面的功效是有科学实验依据的据一份研究报告称,这种新鲜的果汁能够有效抑制癌细胞生长
同时还有另一份报告认为 Emblic M 的新鲜果汁能够提高胃液粘
稠度使胃受到保护,同时还能提高超氧化岐化酶来清除游离基  的来说,它能够通过抗癌机制有效保护胃部组织。