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Bellerric Myrobalan

Other Name Terminalia belerica , Beleric Myrobalan, Bibhitaki, Bahira, Bilhitak, Vibhidhaka
The dried fruit constitutes the drug 'Bahera'. The half-ripe fruit is considered to be purgative but the ripe and dried fruit has the opposite property. The fruit is one of the constituents of the popular Indian medicine "Triphala" the three myrobalans, the other two being T. chebula and Emblica officinalis. The combined effect of these drugs is claimed to possess rejuvenating, astringent, cardioprotective, aperient, antiflatulant, antacid, anthelmintic,cardioprotective, laxative and antibacterial properties


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Bellerric Myrobalan is an ingredient of