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Clitoria Ternatea Linn

Other Name

Butterfly pea, An-jan, Dang-jan


An-jan flower in Thai Traditional Medicine is used for Hair growth.
The root is for diuretic and  curing hooping cough.
The flower is often used as food coloring medium in Thai cuisine.


Butterfly pea commonly known as Shankupushpam, is widely used in traditional Indian systems of medicine as a brain tonic and is believed to promote memory and intelligence. The study conducted on rats revealed that C. ternatea root extracts increase rat brain acetyl choline content and acetyl choline esterase activity in a similar fashion to the standard cerebro drug pyritinil (Taranalli and cheeramkuzhy, 2003). The pant is considered as a goof brain tonic and is useful for throat and eye infections, skin diseases, urinary troubles even in cattle, ulcer and antidotal properties. (Malabodi and Nataraja, 2001). Besides its medicinal property butterfly pea is also a good sources of plant defensins (ct-AMP1) (Thevissen et ai., 2000).

Gomez and Kalamani: Butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea)

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